Negotiating is hard.
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Use industry-tested email templates from Harvard business professors to streamline your negotiation and get the compensation you deserve.


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Learn By Doing

Go through a negotiations process with our guidance and learn best practices and techniques directly from negotiation experts.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Yes, the offer may be higher than your current job or what you were expecting. But starting a job being underpaid sets you up for long term career problems.

Be More Confident

A big part of your success in negotiations is how confident you make the ask. Go into your negotiation with confidence and get better results.

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Start Your Counteroffer

Negotiating Myths


Companies won't negotiate with new grads.

New graduates can negotiate for larger signing bonuses, salary, and equity. We see it all the time. Don’t miss out just because you’ve recently graduated.


I think it’s a good offer, so I’m just going to accept it.

Yes, the offer may be higher than your current job or what you were expecting. But starting a job being underpaid sets you up for long term career problems.


They say the offer is non-negotiable.

Every offer is negotiable. This is a tactic that recruiters use to get around a negotiation. If you make the ask, the worst that will happen is that they say no.

Not sure where to start? Check out one of our guides

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Pre-Offer Common Mistakes
Negotiating starts before the offer? Just when you thought negotiating couldn’t get any worse, eh? The recruiter wants to make sure you’re in the right ballpark for compensation before spending time with the interview.
Co-Founder, Riva
Understanding Your Offer
Are you having some difficulties understanding your offer? Let’s run through a typical offer step by step.
David Lax
Co-Founder, Riva & Professor, Harvard
How Much Should I Ask For?
Not sure how much to ask for? This guide provides basic guidelines to follow and resources to find current salaries at the company.
Co-Founder, Riva

We level the playing field

Recruiters and companies negotiate day in and day out. They have experience, data, and experts on their side. Our mission is to level the playing field between employers and employees and fight pay gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Riva most effective for?

Riva is most effective for young and mid-career professionals negotiating a new job offer. If you are an executive (for example a VP-level executive), we can recommend coaching options. Contact us for more information.

I’m in the interview process, how can I prepare for negotiating?

Negotiating starts during the interview process. You’ll get a question about compensation expectations. See our Pre-Offer Negotiations Resource which will step you through how to handle this question step-by-step.

Does Riva work for internships and international job offers?

We built Riva for full-time job offers in the United States. We encourage you to find additional resources in addition to our app and our resources if you are negotiating an international job or internship.