Negotiating with Multiple Offers

One of the most powerful ways to gain leverage in a negotiation is to have multiple job offers at once. This is because when recruiters know that they have to compete against other companies for you, they are more inclined to make sure they give you the best offer.
Negotiating With Multiple Offers Steps
🗺 When to Tell the Recruiter
Should I tell them I am expecting other offers?
The answer is no unless you’re a really good negotiator. They might shorten your timeline to make sure you won’t have both offers on the table at the same time. You should wait to tell the recruiter until you have actually received other offers.
Letting the recruiter know
You should let the recruiter know as soon as possible once you have received another offer. If you expect to receive more offers then you should try wait until those come in too. When letting the recruiter know, try saying:
“I do have some competing offers. I’m really excited about this company though and would love to make it work here.”
The goal after telling them that you have other offers is not to necessarily tell them how much those offers are for though.
“Can you share the details of your offer so we can best advocate for you with the compensation committee.”
“I’m not really comfortable discussing the details of my offers and processes right now. I’ve outlined what I’ve researched and what my other offers would indicate is my correct market rate. I’m excited to hopefully make it work here as I’m really excited about this company.”
⚡Other Important Tips
Timing all your offers strategically
If you receive an offer, and are still waiting to hear from a few companies, you should let them know that you just received an offer from another company. Try sending them something like:
“I just wanted to update you on my own process. I’ve just received an offer from <company> which is quite strong. That said, I’m really excited about <your company> and really want to see if we can make it work. Since my timeline is now compressed, is there anything you can do to expedite the process?”
You can exclude the name of the company if you feel that it is a lesser known company.
Sample Recruiter Calls
Example #1
Hi, I saw your email come through. I’m happy to take things back to the compensation committee, but to make any reasonable adjustments, I need a bit more. Do you have any competing offers? And where else are you interviewing?
Thanks so much for going back to the team for me. I really appreciate it. I hope you have everything you need with the market rate research I did. The research shows that the offer is a bit under what is expected for my market rate and I really appreciate you guys trying to get me there.
Yes, but it’s going to be difficult to adjust without competing offers. Do you have any?
I’m talking to a few companies right now and can’t really speak to the specific details of the offers and processes. I’m sure we can find a package we’re both happy with independent of my other processes because I would love to be a part of this team.
Example #2
Hi, I saw your email come through. I’m happy to try to increase your compensation but unfortunately don’t think we can get it to the target you described. I wanted to know your thoughts in that situation
First of all, I really appreciate you advocating for me. I’d be happy to consider whatever the adjustments to the offer the compensation committee is able to make.
Example #3
Hi, I really appreciate the email. I’m not really sure your market rate applies in this case because this role is new.
Even though this job might not be quite the same as others, what my research suggests is that is that people with my skills / qualifications at the company are making $[range].
We’ve done extensive benchmarking and research and we’ve determined that what we’ve offered is actually a fair rate. We stand by our numbers.
I’m really glad to hear about all the benchmarking that’s done internally. That certainly makes me more comfortable that everyone within the company will be paid equally to me when I join, correct? Since my market research doesn’t quite correspond with what you’ve outlined, is there another way we can adjust the package? Can there be movement in equity or bonuses?
What would it take to get you to sign the offer?
I’m only concerned about fairness here. Whatever we deem to be a fair offer is one I’m willing to take.
Example #4
Hi, I saw your email come through. Let me see what I can do, I’ll take it back to compensation committee.
Sounds good, let me know what they came back with.
I went to the compensation committee, they were only able to find $5K and I’m sorry but I don’t think we can do any better than this. This is the final offer.
Okay, let me think about things, I’ll need to discuss this with my family and I’ll get back to you.
Remember, you only have a few days left to make a decision. To be fair to other candidates we have in the pipeline, you’re going to have to let us know by then.
Let me see when I might be able to make a decision by. I’ll get back to you over email.